Why choose Indigo?

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Indigo’s Flexible Deployment Environment Meets Your Specific Needs

Whether you choose to host the Indigo software at your facilities or in our secure, state-of-the-art data center, Health One Technology Solutions supports you every step of the way. By taking advantage of our secure, HIPAA-compliant software-as-a-service model, you eliminate the cost of operating in-house server hardware and telecommunications infrastructure.

Our “cloud computing” services enable you to access all required data and software over the Internet. You get all of the processing power, data storage, network connectivity and other computing resources you need for continuous and smooth operation.

All of the healthcare data compiled by your practice is housed within a “private cloud” infrastructure that is operated solely for your organization. When information needs to be exchanged with other entities or with patients, the SharedHealth HIE enables the transfer of information to occur effortlessly. You get seamless data transfer among healthcare providers, hospitals and payors nationwide – as well as with the general public through our PHRAnywhere personal health record solution for patients.

If you choose to host the software at your facilities, Health One Technology Solutions can manage all aspects of implementation and support. Regardless of your path to implementation, Indigo ensures all data is securely compiled, stored and transmitted in accordance with HIPAA and other requirements for protected health information (PHI).

Our proven track record and expertise in health information technology is your peace of mind. Indigo has been meeting the real-world demands of physicians and medical office staff who have been using it since 2007. With the Indigo EHR/PM solution, there are no surprises – and no headaches from needing to cobble together multiple systems and services from multiple technology vendors.