Why choose Indigo?

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Integrated Disease Management Provides Valuable Decision Support and ACO Readiness

Integrated disease management and clinical decision support helps ensure all care opportunities for each patient are brought to the attention of healthcare professionals in the practice. The Indigo EHR/PM solution provides alerts about patients who may need appointments for screenings, annual examinations, follow-up visits, well-child visits and other healthcare services.

Indigo is a patient-centered solution that not only improves care management but also supports new business models needed for accountable care organization (ACOs). Indigo enables your practice to efficiently align with ACO requirements by seamlessly sharing healthcare information among hospitals, other practices and the government. Integrated EHR, PM, E-Prescribing, Health Information Exchange and revenue cycle management solutions enable your medical practice to more easily attain ACO readiness, and your ability to successfully operate under an ACO payment model is simplified.

With the Indigo EHR/PM solution, you get better insight into the healthcare being delivered, including how it conforms to evidence-based standards and value-based care. Any changes that need to be made in practice patterns are more readily identified.

To be successful in today’s rapidly changing landscape, you need an advanced health information solution that is not only easy to use but also expertly designed with the future in mind. That’s Indigo. You’ll benefit from the ability to easily determine evidence-based care opportunities, increase incentive revenue, and attain key goals for quality and performance.