Why choose Indigo?

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Indigo’s Integrated HIE Securely Links With Healthcare Facilities Nationwide

Indigo’s integrated Health Information Exchange (HIE) enables seamless data transfer with hospitals, clinics, other physician practices, laboratories, home care services and telehealth applications. Indigo utilizes SharedHealth, one of the largest HIEs in the nation, which manages records for nearly three million patients.

HIE interoperability makes patient records available anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Seamless data integration reduces costs and risk for physicians and provides an easy data-access solution for physicians, hospitals other healthcare providers and patients.

Collaboration with other medical facilities and physician specialists is improved by connecting your office with a much larger network of providers without increasing your paperwork. The entire healthcare team—whether they are across town or across the country—gets immediate access to important patient information.

By connecting communities of care, Indigo’s integrated HIE lowers costs throughout the healthcare system and improves patient care. Medical personnel are able to better provide continuity of care when they have an immediate snapshot of each patient’s medical and medication history. Additionally, emergency departments can quickly access relevant patient information when time is a critical factor.