Why choose Indigo?

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Indigo’s Revenue Cycle Management Boosts Financial Performance

Indigo’s revenue cycle management solution streamlines your billing and collection processes with fully electronic payment-posting capabilities. Your medical practice benefits from easy-to-understand reports and comprehensive automation for:

  • Claims review
  • Collections
  • Electronic remittance advices (ERAs)
  • Insurance submissions
  • Insurance acceptance/denials
  • On-hold payments
  • Patient billing statements
  • Patient reviews
  • Pending charges

Indigo eliminates the need for manual payment-posting processes, which improves workflows and increases office productivity. Copays are automatically applied during entry of charges and insurance checks are posted from Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms.

With Indigo’s revenue cycle solution, you accelerate collections, maximize revenue capture and improve payer performance. Information captured during registration also helps reduce denials from Medicare and increases reimbursements.