Why choose Indigo?

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Indigo Offers an Industry-Leading Mobile Charting Solution for Wound Care

The need for mobility and flexibility has never been greater. Indigo’s mobile charting solution for Wound Care gives healthcare providers the ease-of-use they need to quickly capture all required clinical information and patient demographics. Quick access to suggested treatment protocols also helps improve wound care procedures and clinical outcomes.

Indigo’s tablet-computing solution for Wound Care can be used as a standalone system for wound care or be integrated within a larger scope of community care management. For example, you can choose to have Indigo’s Wound Care solution seamlessly integrate with all aspects of practice management, revenue cycle management and electronic health records through the Indigo EHR/PM solution. It’s your choice. Either way, you get all of the benefits available with an industry-leading solution for Wound Care.

With Indigo’s Wound Care solution, wound care specialists can easily perform remote assessments. And Indigo tracks the cost of supplies and services provided to each patient throughout the entire course of treatment. You not only can measure and track treatment costs across wound types, but Indigo’s comprehensive reporting also enables you to measure the effectiveness of individual care plans so that best practices for clinical effectiveness and cost efficiency can be identified and repeated.

With Indigo, you get an advanced Wound Care solution that is not only easy to use but also documents and demonstrates improved clinical outcomes and improved business performance. Contact Health One Technology Solutions today to ask for a demonstration. We’ll show you why Indigo’s solution for Wound Care stands head-and-shoulders above the competition:

  • Provides easy point-of-service data capture with simple data-entry screens and eliminates all paper-based patient records.
  • Stores and archives wound photographs over time and enables a time-series analysis of wound progress, which helps with treatment planning and revenue capture.
  • Enables caregivers across the multidisciplinary wound care team to easily coordinate care.
  • Facilitates patient education by streamlining the process of getting the correct educational materials to the patient.
  • Provides comprehensive billing and facility level-of care calculations.