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Indigo’s Certification Enables Your Practice to Qualify for Federal Incentives

Indigo’s certification (scheduled for July 2011) ensures your practice can qualify for Stimulus Program financial payments of $44,000 for the Medicare program and $63,750 for the Medicaid program. Depending upon the mix of Medicare and/or Medicaid patients served by your practice, you can apply for one (but not both) of the stimulus payment programs.

To qualify for the incentives, your practice must demonstrate Meaningful Use of an EHR system for any continuous 90-day period within the first year of use. Starting with the second year of use and subsequent years, you are required to demonstrate Meaningful Use throughout the entire year. Time periods are based on Calendar Years, so your initial 90-day period cannot span two Calendar Years (for example between November 15, 2012 and February 15, 2013).

To participate in the financial incentives for the Medicare program, you must initiate your use of an EHR system by 2014; for the Medicaid incentive program, you must begin use of the EHR system by 2016. Eligible healthcare providers and hospitals must demonstrate Meaningful Use by 2015 to avoid Medicare payment adjustments, which penalize providers for non-compliance.

The chart below shows how incentive payments would be distributed to Medicaid eligible providers who begin EHR use during Calendar Years 2011 through 2016.