Why choose Indigo?

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Top Ten Benefits

The Indigo integrated EHR/PM solution is expertly designed to deliver all of the key benefits you expect and more. Contact us today and let us show you how Indigo:

  • Efficiently integrates EHR, PM, revenue cycle management, and the PHRAnywhere patient portal to provide a comprehensive solution.
  • Provides a user-friendly system that enables medical personnel to get up-to-speed quickly and easily, with minimal formal training.
  • Makes it easier for physicians to coordinate care among multidisciplinary teams, regardless of whether they are across town or across the nation.
  • Offers the flexibility of quick customization to meet the needs of individual medical practices and specialties.
  • Provides disease management and clinical decision support capabilities that enable your practice to efficiently align with ACO requirements and attain ACO readiness.
  • Reduces labor costs by automating paper-based processes and increasing efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services.
  • Helps ensure all care opportunities for each patient are brought to the attention of healthcare professionals in the practice.
  • Provides an industry-leading e-prescribing solution that delivers comprehensive information about prescription benefits, prescription history and prescription routing.
  • Reduces costs and risks by providing a thoroughly integrated solution that eliminates the need to cobble together systems from multiple technology vendors.
  • Offers superior quality as the result of being designed and developed according to the real-world experiences of physicians who have been using the software for years.