Why choose Indigo?

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Why Choose Indigo?

Integrated Practice Management –Simplifies all aspects of patient scheduling and practice management; best of all, Indigo’s software adapts to your environment, your medical office doesn’t have to adapt to Indigo.  Read More >>

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management – Streamlines billing and collection processes with fully electronic payment-posting capabilities.  Read More >>

Integrated Health Information Exchange (HIE) – Securely links Indigo with hospitals, clinics, other physician practices, laboratories, home care services and telehealth applications.  Read More >>

Integrated Patient Web Portal, PHRAnywhere – Gives patients access to their personal health record (PHR), streamlines patient interaction with the medical office and increases customer satisfaction.  Read More >>

Integrated E-Prescribing – Makes it easy to reconcile a patient’s medication list, reduces phone calls about formulary issues, provides alerts for allergies and drug interactions, and results in fewer calls from pharmacists and patients.  Read More >>

Integrated Disease Management – Provides disease management and clinical decision support to ensure all care opportunities for each patient are brought to the attention of healthcare providers.  Read More >>

Flexible Deployment Environment – Offers a choice of deployment environments: the convenience and reduced costs of cloud-based “software as a service,” remote hosting in our state-of-the-art secure data center, or onsite hosting at your facilities.  Read More >>

Modular Software Design – Offers quick customization to meet the unique needs of individual medical practices and specialties.  Read More >>

Supports All Major Specialties – Offers solutions such as Indigo Wound Care, Indigo Cardiology Care, Indigo Emergency Care and Indigo Home Care – just some of the specialties supported by the Indigo Integrated EHR/PM solution. Read More >>

Certification – Assures your practice can qualify for financial incentives offered by the federal government and that Indigo meets or exceeds key metrics for performance. Read More >>

Meaningful Use – Assures your practice can meet current and evolving requirements for Meaningful Use established by the federal government. Read More >>

Federal Incentives – Enables you to qualify for financial incentives of up to $44,000 for the Medicare program and $63,750 for the Medicaid program. Read More >>

Top Ten Benefits – Delivers comprehensive benefits that put Indigo head-and-shoulders above the competition. Read More >>

Indigo reflects the extensive experience and expertise of the physicians and office staff who use it daily to enable best practices in medicine and in business. It’s a proven solution that enables healthcare services to be delivered more efficiently and effectively, streamlining workflows and increasing patient satisfaction. Contact us today to ask for a demonstration and let us show you why Indigo sets new standards for usability, quality and performance in health technology solutions.